as of July 27, 2011


10-Minute Plays

A PROMISE – After a major surgery, a rejection—and a lawsuit!

A ROYAL BITCH – Are Princess Anne’s bull terriers truly innocent or is there something sinister afoot? 

A TEMPORARY LAPSE – Sometimes, being the temp is a lot harder than it should be.

ALL THE COMFORTS OF HOME – Every family has its pet secrets—but are they also the sticking point?

ALONG CAME A SPIDER – Psychological tests have their cost—for subjects and the administrators!

ANCESTORS OF TELEMARKETING – Tennessee Williams-land reflects the future.

APPREHENSION – When a suspect turns into a goat, is it black magic or misinformation?

CHANGE OF VENUE—At a local bordello, two participants get a surprise they least expected.

CLOSET CASE – Who knows what—or who—is living in your closet?

CONQUERING THE FEAR – When a mouse problem appears, there is a hero in the fight!

COUSINS – Family ties, even in strange circumstances, cover all

DEATH BY MISADVENTURE – Lightning strikes, as friends work through discomfort—a re-enactment!

FINAL FRONTIER – Beam me up, Scottie!  Ashes in outer space.

FISH STORY – A detective comes home from a gruesome day, only to find his wife has had enough.

FLAPJACK – Sometimes we find signs in the darnedest things!

GALLERY AFTERNOON – A vengeful housewife discovers a whole other part of life through art!

INGRATTITUDE – When one doesn’t graciously accept and use your gift, why shouldn’t you kill them?

MISS DEL LAGRO REGRETS – Hollywood Producer in a panic when his comeback star disappears.

POOR MOUSE – In the fight of man against mini-beast, manhood and dignity are at stake.

RESTLESS BIRDS – An escaped emu sets a reflective tone in a Milwaukee police precinct.

STONE SOUP – The oldest con game in the world can still work guilt every time.

THE LAST HOLDOUT – A dietary change in the menu sparks protest—the principle is the thing!

TOSSING ORANGES—Americans abroad observe an semi-ancient ritual to catch a man.

TRUTH IN ADVERTISING – Nothing is like they sold it, as a married couple find out.

VENDING MACHINE BLUES – Goth vs. Jock, as two high school teens meet outside in the hallway

VIOLATING UNCLE PIGGY -- Just how much do we put our faith and trust in our families?

WORDS FAIL ME – When words are all we have, what does it mean when meaning changes?



15-Minute Plays

A TRAGIC TAIL (INSPIRED BY POE) – A canine address to a captivated audience.

ANDROCLES & THE LION – A modern adaptation of the classic for young audiences.

ANXIETY & GRANDMA – Anxiety dreams 101—and an attempt to understand how life works.

CARNIVORES IN VENICE – A fever dream on the way to hell.

CRACKERS – Sometimes you find the darnedest things in a box of saltines!

ELENA – Or the “Whatever Happened to Uncle Vanya?” gang, ten years later.

KICK IN THE HEAD – Finding out what really happened in a small bodega robbery.

LOTTO FEVER – Two women on the porch, examining their options and counting their chances.

MY LOST YEARS – A dream, wherein what you come away with may be more than you think!

NAME OF THE TREE – A Bantu folktale, adapted for young audiences

NEVER WEAR A DEAD MAN’S SHOES – Old wives tale—or perhaps a warning to take seriously?

OBJECTS IN THE MIRROR . . .  – A trucker and a hitch-hiker on the Gulf Coast, a la Tennessee Williams

REASON FOR ALL THINGS -- A Cambodian town is mystified by a peacock, as East meets West.

ROMEO & JULIET REDUX – For young audiences, a rhyming couplet modern adaptation of the classic.

STATE SECRET – In the Clinton/Albright State Department, security starts getting a little too loose.

THE BRIDE – Old beliefs from the village, but even deeper promises made and kept out of love.

THE PROPOSAL – Even behind bars, a pending deal and affairs of the heart have weight.

THE LAST STRAW -- Snow on the roof, fire in the furnace, in Tennessee Williams land.

UPDATES – A newspaper obit leads to old lovers and a phone reunion.





One-Act Plays

A LITTLE RED PILL – Funny what a little medicine can really do for your brain.

A LOOSE INTERPRETATION – Sometimes it’s not what you say but how it’s interpreted that counts.

AT LEAST I GOT MY HEALTH – Bagel store banter.

BEST LAID PLANS – Wealthy lady publisher meets an undertaker on a strangely off day.

CORRECT ADDRESS – Packing up & moving on is always harder than it seems.

FAMILY BUSINESS – Three siblings cope with their father’s incapacitation and the family store.

HARPO’S WIFE – Ol’ Blue Eyes is dead, but his impression is lasting on two elderly men.

OBJECTS IN THE MIRROR – A hitchhiker and a trucker, rainy midnight, on the Gulf Coast Highway.

OLD BUSINESS – An elderly mother, a middle-aged daughter, and secrets kept too long.

PILGRIMAGE – The Lord goes to the Middle East to reward the true believers.

POINT OF DEPARTURE – A chance meeting at a bus stop between two generations

REHEARSAL DINNER – Too many people know why perhaps the wedding shouldn’t happen.

SETTLING ACCOUNTS – A husband & wife do the bills, only to find out more than they bargained.

SHAKEN NOT STIRRED – An elderly chorine’s stories change from tea time to cocktail hour.

TALE OF THE HUNCHBACK – The Arabian Night’s tale, adapted for young audiences.

THE SCOTTISH PLAY --  Shakespeare’s Thane in modern rhyming couplets for young audiences.


Full-length Plays

ALL COME RUNNING HOME – A Connecticut family, the summer after their patriarch has passed.

BINDINGS -- A novelist and his sister have taking role-playing to a potentially devastating level.

CREON’S CRISIS --  Creon’s mad as hell, and he’s not gonna take it anymore!

EDDIE HAS ALLERGIES (STAGE VERSION) – the magic in a sneeze, and the difficulty of being different.

GAUGUIN AND THE SAVAGES – Daniel Savage tries too hard to become an artist.

HEART – Just because we can extend our natural lives, does that mean we should?

JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED – A modern Moliere adventure.

METAMORPHOSIS . . . AND WAITERS – Difficulties and bi-sexuality.

SUPERHERO BLUES – Is he a superhero?  Which identity is the secret one?

THE RESURRECTION OF DAVID  -- The return home of a young teen after an abduction.

TODAY’S SPECIAL—Opposites attract at a roadside diner.


Special Projects:

AFTER TENNESSEE – a collection of one-acts featuring the unseen characters of Tennessee Williams



AARDVARK DREAMS – All is not well in Toyland, as commerce corrupts.

BLISS – Based on Australian Peter Carey’s novel, an Ad Man thinks he’s died and gone to Hell.

HAM: AN ACTOR'S TALE --  The long, long road to an overnight success.

I'LL NEVER FORGET WHATSHISNAME (GOLDEN GIRLS) – A spec script for the beloved sitcom.

MAXIMUM SECURITY – Country club prisons and the men who live there.

NEVER WEAR A DEAD MAN’S SHOES – A screen adaptation of the one-act about wives’ tales.