834 President Street                                                                                                                 Age range: 45-55

Brooklyn, NY 11215                                                                                                                  Height: 5’10 Weight: Stocky

718-857-0398 (h) 917-912-4243 (cell)                                                                                   Hair: Brown  Eyes:  Brown



OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME by Jeanne Beckwith                    Roger Cook                         Redd Tale Theatre/Nicu’s Spoon, NY

WILLIAM, INC by Lucas Rowley                                                    The Counselor                    Last Frontier Theatre Conference, AK

THE DUNES by Craig Pospisil                                                        Garrett Robertson             The Barrow Group, NYC, NY

THE GHOST BUILDING by Damon Chua                                       Vernon/Desmond              Last Frontier Theatre Conference, AK

UNTITLED by Alex Pollock                                                             Narration                            Last Frontier Theatre Conference, AK

BURNING by Dawson Moore                                                        Man (Heckler)                     Last Frontier Theatre Conference, AK

BONTSHE, new musical by James Behr & Mimi Turque            Bontshe                               BMI Musical Theater Workshop, NYC

ROSENCRANTZ & GUILDENSTERN ARE DEAD                              Claudius                              Brooklyn Center Performing Arts, NYC

EASTER                                                                                            Lindkvist                              Brooklyn Center Performing Arts, NYC

A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM                                                 Egeus/Snug                         Brooklyn Center Performing Arts, NYC

MACBETH                                                                                        Duncan/Doctor                   Brooklyn Center Performing Arts, NYC

MISALLIANCE                                                                                  Lord Summerhays              Brooklyn Center Performing Arts, NYC

TALLEY’S FOLLY                                                                               Matt Friedman                   Theater Factory, NYC

THE IMAGINARY INVALID                                                              Thomas                               Company Park Slope, NYC

LOVELY CATY, WOULD YOU CARE TO DANCE?                            Fowler                                 Production Workshop, Providence, RI

THE THREEPENNY OPERA                                                              Hookfinger Jacob               Production Workshop, Providence, RI

THE WATER ENGINE                                                                       Mr. Wallace, others           Production Workshop, Providence, RI

ICARUS’ MOTHER                                                                           Howard                               Big Mother Coffee House, Providence

CAUCASIAN CHALK CIRCLE                                                            Kazbeki, Monk, Others      Faunce House Theatre, Providence, RI

SECRET SERVICE                                                                              Lt. Foray                              Faunce House Theatre, Providence, RI

A TOUCH OF THE POET                                                                  Nicholas Gadsby                Faunce House Theater, Providence, RI

ANYTHING GOES                                                                            Bishop                                 Nutmeg Summer Playhouse, Storrs, CT

OKLAHOMA!                                                                                   Cord Elam                           Nutmeg Summer Playhouse, Storrs, CT

ANASTASIA                                                                                     Chernov                               Faunce House Theatre, Providence, RI

THE MAN OUTSIDE                                                                        The Giant                            Production Workshop, Providence, RI

Numerous readings, Workshops, NYC, summer stock musicals



SAM ADAMS BEER PROMOTION                                                  Rebel                                    New York Stock Exchange

YOU CONNECT THE DOTS                                                              Various Roles                      Bill Beirne Video, Whitney Museum, NYC

NOT THE GREATEST MOMENTS IN SPORTS                                Barfly                                   HBO Special



Teen Acting, Urban  Youth Theatre                                                                                           Abrons Arts Center, NYC

Scene Study, Brooklyn College                                                                                                  CUNY, NYC

Introduction to Acting, Brooklyn College                                                                                 CUNY, NYC

8-Week Actors Workshop, Meat & Potatoes Company                                                        NYC

Private Audition and Scene Coaching                                                                                       NYC



Sensory:  Mimi Turque; Improvisation: Margaret Linney; Scene Study:  Margaret Linney, Alice Spivak, John S. Emigh, James O. Barnhill;
Dance:  Julie Strandberg; Voice:  David Castonguay, Wm. Kim Lyons



A.B., Theatre & Communications (Semiotics), Brown University (magna cum laude), June 1979

MFA, Theatre (Directing), Brooklyn College, City University of New York, June 1993

Member, Dramatists Guild of America


Resumes in playwriting, directing, teaching and management available upon request.